Monday, October 20, 2008

Children of Men

Yes ,I know its been awhile.

I just recently saw the film Children of Men which is a great piece of fim-making and it does have a message. I guess that's why it never received the attention it should have. People in general prefer their films to be entertaining froth and nothing more.They want movies which will tell them that their values and their perception of the world is valid and unquestionable. Most citizens do not want a film to tell them that they are selfish, narcissitic, greedy, souless creatures.

One of the issues it raises is that of immigration.

In this futuristic dystopia there is no future since no children are bein born. Is the infertility caused by pollution and how we have treated the planet & our selves. But the possible extinction of humanity just seems to bring about more inequality and more injustice. Humanity does not pull it together as it goes into decline but becomes even meaner and nastier. Immigrants in Britain are treated as if they were not persons deserving of fair treatment but are used as scapegoats and hunted down and place in over-crowded detention camps where they are being left to die. In Britain and America today there are many who would see nothing wrong with such a policy. In America there are over 12 million illegal immigrants and the solution to this complex problem is simplified by many on the right who just say hunt them down and put them in internment camps . The anti-immigration forces believe that no one who is a true patriot should have any concern over illegals who are viewed as " an infestation ", " a disease", or as if they were " cockroaches '. So the right uses all its means available to it to soften up the public to accept an inhumane and Nazi-like solution to the issue.

Children Of Men Trailer

Video below contains Spoilers & offensive language so beware.

Why "Children of Men" should be nominated for best picture


A video made to help publicize a criminally underrated masterpiece. Alfonso Cuarón's amazing dystopian vision "Children of Men" was completely ignored by Universal and dumped quietly at the box office despite glowing praise from critics. I made this short to help generate more buzz behind this overlooked masterpiece. Read press and more info about what happened from this here:

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